Thursday, 31 December 2009

happy new year!

It is the eve of a new year.
A year that I hope will bring much laughter…
Tears of joy…
And many many hours of playtime…

On the eve of this new year it is customary to list our resolutions.
But I never make any.
It is too easy to break them.Instead I try to remind myself of the type of person I want to be.
One that cares for others and the world around her.
One that laughs and cries and sings (when no one is listening).
One that is considerate, polite and kind.
One that smiles…And so on this eve I am reminded of that person.
I am reminded of her and of him – my son
Because those are all the things I want for him too.
I want him to be happy.

And although we will likely be fast asleep well before this eve has ended and the next day begun, I am reminded. So I will go and kiss my sleeping baby and think of all the wondrous things he has yet to discover.Because I know that will make me smile.

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