Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I have come to the realization that we are rather granola. We cloth diaper... not just at home but on the plane, on our vacation. And because I don't like to change poopy diapers, I have been potty training my 4 month old. Yup, he poops in the toilet. I always thought that the change stations in the wheelchair washroom stall were silly, but now they are just so handy. They must make those just for me :) We eat lentils. We shop at the farmers market. The sprout plays with wooden toys. We don't own an exersaucer or a TV. Yup, rather granola.

The thing is, I like being granola.

Now I have to go and save the sprout from his wooden playgym. He's taken hold of one of the wooden rings and can't figure out how to let go. Silly boy.