Tuesday, 5 January 2010

milk, please

For the last couple months we have been trying to teach the sprout to sign "milk" when he wants boob. I like the idea of baby signing. It seems like a great way for the baby to communicate what he wants while his verbal speech is still lagging behind. So, every time I go to feed him I ask, "Tu veux du lait?" and I open and close my hand to sign milk. Then when he is eating I usually do the sign a few more times. Repetition seems to be important for the sprout to remember anything. He has a few issues with memory at the moment.

I thought "milk" would be easiest for him to learn because he always wants boob. I decided just to stick to one sign first, as not to confuse or overwhelm him. Also, up until the dude bought me a baby sign language book yesterday, I didn't know any other signs. But I digress...

The sprout can now open and close his hand successfully. I have no idea if he understands that he's asking for milk. He tends to open and close his hand around my hair... but he sure is happy to receive boobies!

Now, I'd really like to learn the sign for, "Mummy, I need to pee." It would make pottying so much easier.


  1. I sign with my youngest as she still has no words. We don't do tons but milk, more, thank you, I would teach her more but those are all I know ;)

  2. It's so nice to know that someone else has been successful with it! Once he has milk down I think we are going to try "all done". You place palms up and then turn your hands palms down, back to palms up...

    But "thank you" would also be good to know...