Sunday, 24 January 2010

adventures in potty training my 7-month old

You may remember this. Well, since then we have mostly been skipping the bucket step and holding the sprout directly over the toilet. One less thing to worry about cleaning. And he can't knock pee all over my bed from the toilet since the toilet is, well, stationary, in the washroom and not my bedroom.

I used to take a clothed baby into the bathroom, lay him on the floor, strip off his pants and diaper and then over the toilet we'd go. We had lots of success with this method. Success of the peeing and pooping kind, anyways. But my back was starting to ache from all the lifting up down up down. So I got cheeky.

Lately, if the sprout's been playing and needs to go I just strip him right there, in the living room, and then pick up a half naked baby, cheeks out for all the neighbours to see and walk to the bathroom. So far, so good. I've been doing this for about a month now.

Well, this afternoon I picked up a half naked baby and started to walk to the bathroom. On my way there I thought, "Gee, little sprout, you seem awfully warm..."

Yes, my half naked baby peed on me.

I was asking for it, wasn't I?

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