Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An escapade

So, the other day I went in to check on my "napping" baby. Instead I found this:

Yes, that is my child, standing on the floor between the bed and the dresser, banging on the wall.

Ummm... dude! You are supposed to be sleeping. Not giving mummy a heart attack because she walked in the room and saw an empty bed.

You should have seen the look he gave me. "Hi mummy! Look what I did!" He was sooo proud of himself. And what do I do? I grab the camera, of course!

What I want to know is how he circumnavigated the pillow mounds on either side of him, dismounted the bed and landed on his feet with out a sound.

Actually, no. I don't want to know. I really might have had a heart attack if I'd witnessed that.

We no longer have that bed. The stupid thing was like 3 feet high and I practically needed a step ladder to climb into it every night. I promptly sold it 10 hours after this escapade.

We now have this bed:

Thank you ikea!


  1. Bahahaa. I can't believe he naps on the bed, I think that's incredible. I wish Skyla would actually sleep on our bed, so many days I want to have a snuggle nap, but she thinks our bed is party time. And she loves to pull out the mission impossible moves to slide down our super high bed too. Oh my goodness I would have a heart attack too, walk in to an empty bed hehee.

  2. The sprout screams bloody murder when I put him down for naps in his crib so I long ago gave up. He's (usually) content to sleep on my bed. We'd never had any issues with him rolling around until last thursday...

    We'd been talking about getting a new bed for a while tho, so it was a perfect excuse!

  3. Liking the bed..Our daughter happily sleeps in the big bed as she calls it. It's really not a big bed with so many people in it.
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  4. Does he sleep in his crib for the night? Kids are so funny, Skyla LOVED sleeping our bed as a baby, and now it's party time in our bed, le sigh! Any excuse for new furniture is fine by me hehee

  5. Sometimes. Anywhere from 0-75% of the night he spends in his crib, but usually ends up snuggling the boobs by morning!

    Chalit - how can I follow your blog?