Thursday, 17 June 2010

A party would have been too obvious

We decided we weren't going to throw a 1st birthday party for the sprout. I didn't feel like inviting a bunch of people over so the sprout could take a nap.

And I eat far too much cake anyways. I don't need another occasion to have more cake.

Besides, I have a hard enough time keeping my house clean. Now that we are selling I haven't gotten any better. Ugh.

So, what do you think a science major and a math major do with their first born for his first birthday?

Well, first we took a trip on a steam engine.

But the sprout decided we were going too slow, so he drove instead.

Then, he flew us up to the moon in a rocket ship.

On the way back to earth we stopped off at the space station to operate the Canadarm.

To end the day we traveled really fast down some optic wires, just like data traveling from one point to another.

And after all that, the sprout passed out.

Yes, he actually sleeps like that quite regularly. It helps amplifies the farting which is especially nice when he has his ass right next to your head.

You too can have an awesome, out-of-this-world birthday experience! Just go here!

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog looking for a tutorial on replacing elastic in my fuzzibunz. So, I decided to scroll thru older posts and just read this line about your baby farting. I have to say I'm sitting here at work and just had the biggest belly laugh over this. It was great! thanks!