Monday, 3 May 2010

feeling frumpy

Do you remember, before you had kids, how you always thought that will never be me? I will never be frumpy. I will be the yummy mummy that everyone envies. I will shower every day and wear killer heels. I will turn heads as I push my designer pram down a posh shop-lined street and drink overpriced decaffinated beverages at a trendy cafe with all the hipsters typing on their laptops and ipads.

Do you ever notice that reality is often very different?

And it's not like I've ever been honked at by carloads full of teenage boys... more than once...

It all started off so innocently. It was a crappy day so why should I go outside? Why should I even bother to get dressed? Heck, lets go back to bed, little sprout. We can be lazy!

It has spiraled since then.

And now the poshes of mummy days is coming up - Mother's day. Only it's a double whammy in our house. It's also my birthday. And I feel anything but yummy these days.

I have a week to change that.

Motherhood is beautiful, so why shouldn't we be?


  1. Oh boy, do I ever hear ya sister!!! I stare at my beautiful heels lined up in my closet and feel like 'that girl' was eons ago. Must work on this too...
    Happy early birthday!!

  2. thanks for the birthday wishes!