Tuesday, 8 September 2009

food tastes better when it looks good, right?

I like watching those cooking shows or going to fancy restaurants and seeing how they arrange the food on the plate to make it look pretty. I am sure that it tastes better this way. I mean, it must, right? Or why would they do it. I was just thinking that since I am food, that I must taste better too, if I look good. And what better way to look good than the new fall line at Milkface (god I love that store). I am currently drooling over this pretty little number.

Oh, what a pretty dress you are. How I want to wear thee in all your polka dotted splendor. I am sure that my milk would be infinitely better while I wear you. Le sigh. I love Boob nursing wear. It’s comfy and stylish and so practical for right now. But why does it have to be sooooo expensive?

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