Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Etsy envy

You know how sometimes you see something and it makes you go, "oh, I wish my baby was the other sex because I so want to buy that! It's awesome!" I can usually pass over the pretty, frilly dresses because I know I'd be tired of pink if I had a girl, but today I got stuck in Heidi and Finn's Etsy store and just couldn't seem to navigate away from it.

The colours were muted, the lines modern and the designs simple. It was everything we look to dress the sprout in, only for girls. They were all girl patterns. Yet I sat there clicking through all the patterns. I couldn't stop!

I first came across the pleat bottom pants. Such a cool idea. It just jazzes up a simple pair of pants. It's like frills only not over done. They are simple but make a statement. Like, I'm hip and modern but I'm not going to be in-your-face about it.

This little green pea coat is another one of my favorites. It's just clean and simple. And would make a perfect spring coat, you know, if the sprout was a girl.

Still, there are supposed to be some boy and unisex patterns in the works. I have made a request to be a pattern tester. No idea if anything will come of that, but hey, I like to sew and would love to have some great modern, simple patterns.

The sprout could be so stylish :)


  1. ooooh I am checking her page now! I *heart* etsy.

  2. If you make anything you will have to post pics! Some of the dresses look so cute but really simple to make up. I keep thinking I'll buy a few patterns and make them for friends!

  3. I love those pleat bottom pants. They're so nice! Simple is so classic :)