Saturday, 1 August 2009

Beets me!

We are still fairly new to this breastfeeding thing and it still surprises me how what I eat can affect what he poops.

For instance: beets.

It’s summer here and that means that we can get fresh local beets. It no longer surprises me when I shit red poo after eating them, but when I saw that come out of the sprout? Yeah, I was shocked. Oh my god, I thought. What is wrong with my new baby? And then I slowly started to process that I had had beets at supper. Tasty things, done up in foil on the bbq with olive oil, balsamic and fresh thyme. Maybe… maybe, just maybe they affect him the same way they affect me. I wish there had been a warning, like red milk! Then maybe I wouldn’t have been as surprised.

I am still waiting for him to start pooping rainbows, but I guess red poo is a good start.

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